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Even as you read this, world leaders are meeting - and they meet almost every month - to STOP the destruction of the earth. Other important issues dominate the thinking of political, business and social leadership of the world, as well.
At the heart of this movement is the ESG movement: making sure that when money is invested adequate consideration is given to Environment, Social and Governance  considerations.
The momentum is already seen in the huge amount of money moving into ESG Funds, ESG Rating, ESG Indexes and related services.

You know Stratadigm is a leading provider of SPECIALIST education in financial services. Since we are a research-oriented company, we now LEAD in education related to ESG with a range of generic and specialist programs in the domain.

We already are involved in training existing teams that work with the Global Majors in the ESG space. We have conducted management development programs via XLRI Jamshedpur.

We are a member of the SASB Consultant Content Program which is involved in setting ESG Standards and working with consultants in staying up-to-date in the space.
Get an exciting start! We can train you, too, and help you get interviewed by our clients so that you can start on an exciting career with ESG at its heart.





ESG Researcher

ESG Analyst

ESG Data Operator

ESG Data Collector

ESG Reporter

ESG Data Researcher

ESG Data Analyst



Stratadigm deeply engages with colleges and the student community as well. We are the financial services anchor for the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and engage with colleges routinely.


We have provided capable talent to various employers, including in some challenging situations enabling contract wins and deep employee engagement.


Our candidates are:

  1. Screened for basic capabilities in calculation and communication.

  2. Trained on the particular domain.

  3. Ready to deploy; to absorb process-specific inputs.


The Stratadigm candidate stands out and is easily spotted as a performer; some rise quickly to supervising or leading small teams. 

Get Jobs:

Get Talent:


... and many others!



ESG Aware Graduates
Graduates with a Certificate in ESG Investing
Climate Bond Specialists


ESG Induction programs are available for all those already on board.

Financial Report

We Are:

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About us

Stratadigm is focused exclusively on financial sector studies.

Over a 15 year period we have imparted learning, education and training to over 100,000 individuals. We focus on banking, the capital markets, financial services and insurance.


We are one of the few companies worldwide who have an in-house research and design team that comes up with original insights and new delivery methods, techniques and implementation. We are known for simplifying the toughest of topics! 


Our core team are a combination of MBAs, Chartered Accountants, CFAs, Masters in Banking and more. Every team member and faculty has at least 15 years of experience and a minimum of two post-graduate qualifications.


Over this period we have worked extensively with working professionals (see our client list); and with the student community at over 200 colleges.


We are accredited by leading institutions and were winners of the 2017 Award for Excellence conferred by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Affiliations & Accreditations


We have strong affiliations and accreditations with leading Indian and foreign institutions and industry bodies that are focused on enhancing skills and competencies in the financial sector area.


Our Clients

Our clients are leading banks and financial institutions from around the world; in India and overseas. The chart below gives you a glimspe of the names we work with.

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